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November 8, 2009 at 11:44 pm

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Cold Day, Warm Hearts

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It was a chilly Saturday Morning but not too bad considering it is November after all. I was worried about the effects of cold weather… red and runny noses, off color skin tones… as I walked through O’Dell Park looking for the requested fall colors that are hard to come by this time of year. All worries melted away after meeting Lauren and Matt! I was instantly warmed by their genuine love for each other and I absolutely loved the way the laughed together. And I mean LAUGHED! The kind of laugh that brings a smile to anyone who is near enough to listen.

It was a pleasure to spend a little time with them in a “mini” engagement session. The time may have been short but the photos are beautiful! As are the people in them.




An 1800’s Wedding in Kings Landing

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It was a beautiful day for a wedding! Forget it was sandwiched between a snowstorm on the 22nd of October and a tremendous rainstorm on the 24th. Can you say lucky? I’d say it was good luck as far as the weather was concerned, but the beauty of the photographs and the day itself were due solely to the meticulous planning that went into this fabulous wedding ceremony. The details were perfect… just enough… to make this 1800’s period wedding quaint and touching. Well done Monica!

Kings Landing New Brunswick is a dream for a professional photographer. The fantastic views, the colorful buildings, the abundance of fences, railings, and benches, and the variety of beautiful backdrops in a small area are obvious to the everyday viewer. But, to me, the not so obvious lack of power lines, curbside garbage cans, litter, and traffic is exciting for the art of wedding photography. REALLY exciting! The professionalism and help of Karen Price made my job much easier. It was greatly appreciated. The thoughtfulness of the entire bridal party made my heart warm… which quite frankly was the only warm part of my body.

Despite the chill in the air it was a picture perfect day. Congratulations to you Monica, James, and Emilie. I hope these wedding portraits captured your fairytale! With a few more to look at here.

Legere 6

Legere 7

Legere 9

How Important is a Consult?

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While it is entirely possible for a professional photographer to have only an inital meeting and then show up at the designated time and do a good job (maybe even great), it is quite probable that the wedding day portraits will be more  a reflection of the circumstances of the day or the whim of the photographer. I can’t say this enough!!! THE MORE WORK A COUPLE PUTS INTO THEIR PHOTOGRAPHY THE BETTER THEY WILL BE. As it is with everything in life.

A wedding is a very big event with many little details. And it is attention to details that makes the day run smoothly and provides a back up plan for when they don’t. The same is true for the photography. It  is important to pay attention to the details: a photo list with names to avoid “hey you come here”, several possible outdoor locations and an indoor alternative,  a time frame, available light or lack thereof, sticky family groupings, an officiant’s rules, etc. It may seem overwhelming but the best photographers will not only help you through, they will welcome any information that helps them give a bride and groom exactly what they want.

So, I say, show me pictures on line, pass me clippings from magazines, meet with me on location instead of a coffee shop, work with me to fit your dreams into my style. This weekend past Monica, James and I discovered how important it is to communicate and bounce ideas back and forth, to get to know each other at least a little, and to “see” what wonderful possibilities exist. I was grateful before to be chosen as their photographer. After touring historical King’s Landing I am now excited at the prospect of capturing their day!!

Can YOU picture the possibilities?




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September 22, 2009 at 12:23 am

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The Only Thing Better Than The Mustang…

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… is being married to Aimee! But the car is pretty important. Good thing Ryan is a good sport because his love of his Mustang is the butt of many jokes on this wonderful sunny August day. I must admit, I was a little nervous about showing the best side of an automobile and more than a little apprehensive about having the bride, groom and members of the wedding party pose on or near it! It seems “touching” is not encouraged. Hopefully I have done a good job showcasing this love of Ryan’s life.

Just kidding!! It is obvious that Aimee is the love of Ryan’s life and they are a very happy couple excited about sharing “An Everlasting Love”. It was a lovely day made better by their sense of humor, their willingness to take their time to get those great shots, and their enthusiasm to embrace all aspects of their wedding day. It was a pleasure to be part of the celebration.


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September 14, 2009 at 12:24 am

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What Goes Around Comes Around

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I met Shawna my first week after moving to New Brunswick. We worked together for a short period of time. In those 6 months I discovered that Shawna was kind, caring and soft-hearted. Not to mention an amazing waitress who could carry her weight above her head! Did she know how great she was as a person? Probably not. But I recognized her potential.

Many years have passed. It was purely coincidence that she contacted me about photographing her wedding day. The world is definately a small place. For me it was like coming full circle! I was honored to be part of what was a truly a special day for her. She deserved all she had ever hoped for and I know she definately found the man of her dreams. Hopefully their wedding portraits remind them of the many wonderful happy memories of their August wedding day… and any not so great moments … well, what goes around comes around ;o)




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September 13, 2009 at 11:15 pm

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A Special Place

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If you’ve visited the blog before, this fantastic, young couple may look familiar. I had the pleasure of photographing their engagement portraits in March in O’Dell Park; the place where Aaron proposed to Lindsey. It was therefore poetic to witness their exchange of vows in the same location that obviously holds a special place in their heart.

It was a gorgeous sunny day. The details were perfect and the bride and groom were as relaxed and fun loving on their summer wedding day as they were throwing snowballs in the winter. I wish them continued happiness and a lifetime of walks in the park!




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August 7, 2009 at 4:58 pm